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Cnc Router With Tool Storage For Woodworking

Cnc Router With Tool Storage For Woodworking

heavy duty frame cnc router for longtime using...
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UA481 is linear ATC CNC router, These machines allow you to increase the speed of production and improve the quality of your cuts, growing your business along the way.super heavy duty frame for long time using.

1. The operation mode is simple and easy to understand;

2, there is an independent vacuum device;

3, advanced file preprocessing, intelligent correction of processing errors, good compatibility;

4. In terms of control system, the woodworking machining center adopts Taiwan's control system, which has a good intelligent processing program, which can prevent the collision of the machine, and can better control the processing speed, greatly improve the work efficiency and save the cost. .

Compared with ordinary woodworking engraving machines, woodworking machining centers have considerable advantages in terms of processing speed, precision, efficiency, hardware and software. With the development of technology, ordinary woodworking engraving machines will be gradually replaced by woodworking centers. .

The performance of the woodworking center is:

1. The square tube of the steel structure of the bed body is welded, and it is sturdy and durable after being subjected to vibration aging treatment, and is not easily deformed.

2, Z-axis uses German ball screw, Taiwan high-precision 30 square rail, high precision and durability. The X.Y axis uses a rack drive for faster speeds, better efficiency and cost savings.

3, software compatibility, compatible with type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design and production software, with tool compensation, Chinese display, background editing, spindle multi-point positioning, analog operation display, fault display.

4, Taiwan Bao Yuan (or new generation) control system, easy to operate, bucket-type automatic tool change system, more time-saving security.

5. The drive system uses Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and driver. Full-featured, stable performance and high reliability.

6, Italy HSD automatic tool change air-cooled spindle, high precision and long life. The automatic tool change system is safe to operate and saves time.

7, automatic oil filling system, maintenance, maintenance is more convenient.

8, six-zone vacuum adsorption suction clamp dual-use tabletop, processing shaped workpieces more easily and freely, the suction is stronger, up to 250 cubic meters / hour.

9, with breakpoint continued carving, breakpoint recovery, processing time prediction and other functions.

10. The software pre-processing function can correct errors in the software and is compatible with various internationally used software codes, such as MASTERCAM, TYPE3 and ARTCAM. The 3D space curve budget method guarantees the uniformity of multiple lines and the speed and accuracy of the curve.



Spindle :imported parts to ensure working 

speed, long service life.

Control system:It can be compatible with 

many types of software. Such as CAD



Servo motor:Imported parts makes machine

 has high accuracy.

Linear ATC :It could get the finest cutting edges, 

and linear tool magazine



Vacuum pump:Stable performance, small noise,  

long service life

Rail:High strength, stable and durable

Table:Double layers vacuum table for big panels.



1.General woodworking manufacturing (Cabinet ,Furniture,Solid wood etc)

2.3 dimensional (3D) machining (sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.)

3.Sheet plastic fabrication, Composite machining (graphite, phenolic, Kevlar, etc)

4. Non-ferrous sheet metal machining (aluminium, brass,copper, zinc)






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